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Ti Ultra - Premium Fountain & Rollerball Titanium Pen - Stone Washed

$235 USD

The Ti Ultra pen from Big Idea Design is an incredible work of design, durability and functionality. It is machined from GRADE 5 TITANIUM. The Ti Ultra is the most versatile pen on the market because it accepts 750+ refills from any of your favorite ink vendors or manufacturers. The 3-in-1 design allows you to switch from fountain pen to ball point to roller ball in a matter of seconds without hacks or modifications. The twist action of the grip allows for perfectly secure grip on your ballpoint or rollerball refill cartridges. The pen is also perfectly balanced and feels solid in your hand. We are proud to carry such wonderful pens like this and are excited for you to get them in your hands.

- Grade 5 titanium body
- Includes fountain tip (Ink not included)
- Includes spare #6 bock nib (fine) fountain tip
- Includes rollerball tip (Ink included)
- Fabric Protector Pen Sleeve
- 750+ compatible pen refills

** Fountain tip does not include ink.

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