"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,
and favor is better than silver or gold."

My name is Ryan Savin and I have a beautiful wife and three boys who I love more than anything in this world. I thank God that I have been able to pursue this calling and am always grateful to my designer for instilling design into my heart.

I have always been fascinated with design and working with my hands. As a little boy I would often "help" my dad with certain renovation projects. Even though I often got in the way of his work, he fuelled my love for working and building with my hands. The Ability to create a concept and follow it through to the final product is a feeling like none other. This makes me come alive. There is something special about leather that just captivates me. The rugged and earthiness of it, the smell, the feel, the sound it makes when you roll it out, or the sound it makes when the blade passes through it. It gets me every time. 

I love the simple things in life and I think that it shows in my work. My designs are very simple and clean and rugged but neat. I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature. Before I got into the leather working vocation, I was and currently am a photographer. I loved to capture beauty in what seemingly was not beautiful. I am primarily a portrait and wedding photographer, but my passion is street and landscape photography - the more natural and unposed imagery. This translates into my work. I like the somewhat unfinished and unrefined things that are just beautiful by themselves. 

As the maker of these leather goods I find it very important to make sure that the suppliers and and the vendors I buy things from are fair trade friendly, meaning that there is no child labour or slavery that goes into the tanning of the hides or manufacturing of the products I use. I don't believe in people suffering or the use of children for corporate greed or gain. Even though prices might seem more on the higher side, we can rest easy knowing that everything was made either in Canada or the USA.

Thank you so much for visiting our little shop and we hope that you enjoy these products and that they last you a lifetime.

 - Ryan Savin