For King & Country - Our Collections Explained.


The King Collection is simply our 100% handcrafted bespoke goods line. Everything is done by hand from the first cut, to hand stitching, to hand edge finishing. This is true quality at its highest capacity. All of our King Collection products are backed with a lifetime warranty on stitching.


The Country Collection is our alternative to the King Collection. Although not fully stitched by hand, the quality of materials and attention to detail are on par. These products carry a lower price tag but definitely live up to high quality goods. This collection is backed by a limited warranty.


Thanks for the work of art. It's perfect!

Sarah Vlietstra

Oh. My. Goodness. What a work of art! It's even better than the pictures.. Thank you so so much!

Eva Robinson

Well, my wife absolutely adores her bag. Thank you for your beautiful and caring craftsmanship. She will treasure it. 

Chris K

The tote bag you made me is beautifully handmade. It looks amazing and will last me forever. Just Awesome. Thanks so much!

Sarah Guta

Our King Collection Crafting Process

Handcrafting leather goods requires many hours of complete focus and attention to detail. All of our goods are 100% handcrafted from the very first cut. Every stage of production is performed with excellence. Every cut and stitch is meticulously planned out. We do not believe in mass production because we hold fast to the old custom leather crafting traditions. This ensures that our products will last a lifetime. 


Choosing the right leather is such an important part of the leather crafting process. By using the finest and highest quality leathers, you can be assured that these products will stand the test of time. We primarily use vegetable tanned leathers that have been infused with waxes and oils which produce rich "pull-up" patterns throughout the hide. The term "pull-up" refers to the motion of pulling up on the leather which shifts the oils and waxes around in the hide causing the leather to become lighter in those areas. This creates a completely unique look to every crafted item.


Every item that we craft comes from a "side" (side of a cowhide) of leather. We carefully trace and cut out the desired pattern making sure that every piece is exactly the shape and dimension required. After all the pieces are cut, we then bevel and burnish certain edges for maximum quality and feel. Once this is complete, the pieces are then glued together. Excess leather that needs to be trimmed is then cut off (like corners and pockets) and then it's time for stitching.


The quality most often in leather goods is judged not only on the leather itself, but on the quality of craftsmanship. Hand-stitching and burnishing (edge finishing) are telltale signs of the level of high quality workmanship. We strive to make our final product the best. The cleaner the stitch line and burnished edge, the higher the quality of the finished product. We pride ourselves in this area and are always seeking ways to improve. All of our smaller items are hand-stitched using the traditional "Saddle Stitch" method. This method is simply the best and strongest. It surpasses the sewing machine stitching, by far. There is no comparison in regards to strength and aesthetics. The saddle stitch forms a figure eight through the hand punched holes whereas the machine's stitch just lies on top. We burnish our edges until they are as smooth as glass. Our method ensures that edges will last longer and patina (darken and age) a lot better over time.


We trust that all of our leather goods will last you a lifetime, with many stories to tell. Leather is a material that takes on character as it ages. You write your story on it. We are excited for you to invest in our products because not only do we work with leather, we love leather. We love to see our products age and see the stories they tell. We love to see future generations hold onto leather goods which was once was their parents or grandparents.

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