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$115 USD $135 USD

These premium full grain leather camera straps are rugged and durable.
Made from 7-8 ounce (3mm) leather they will be your camera's life long companion. The leather has a nice medium temper with a comfortable soft suede feel on the backside.

The LKG Camera Strap features Peak Design Anchor Links which allows for the quick swapping of cameras. The Peak Design Anchor Links are secured to the leather strap with 2 hand hammered copper rivets per side which are practically indestructible.

These Anchor links can hold up to 200 pounds of pressure so your camera will be very secure.

The strap also features our rose gold hot stamped Little King Goods logo.

- Full Grain 7-8 ounce (3mm) hand cut strap
- Peak Design Anchor Links
- Hand hammered copper rivets
- 2 sets of quick connectors (for 2 cameras)
- Rose Gold Hot Stamped Logo
- 42" Over all length (Strap + Anchor links)

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