Little King Goods

DIY - Small Leather Journal

$60 USD

This isn't your ordinary DIY leather kit.

These PREMIUM DIY leathercraft kits are put together with only the highest quality leathers and materials that will age beautifully and will develop character while doing so.

These kits allow you to craft an item with your own two hands that will last for many years to come and will expose you to the wonderful world of craftsmanship.

No glue required although it makes it easier to assemble. You can use a glue stick for assembling the pattern. We recommend using a hard cover book as your stitching pony which will make everything a lot easier when it comes to lining up your pieces and stitching.

Included in this Premium Kit:
- Premium Vegetable Tanned Leather Pattern Pieces
- Premium Japanese Bonded Nylon Thread
- Harness stitching needles from John James Needles
- Sand Paper
- Gold foiled paper notebook

For more info on what you will receive in these kits and how to craft them visit our YouTube Channel or watch this video:

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