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Mini Pen

$35 USD

The Click EDC & Mini Click Pens from Big Idea Design are incredible works of design, durability and functionality and come in 2 finishes; Black and Brass. They are machined from GRADE 5 TITANIUM or Solid Brass. The mini Pens are the most versatile pens on the market because it accepts 750+ refills from any of your favorite ink vendors or manufacturers. Perfect for on the go everyday carry.

These pens fit perfectly in our Scribe Journals or Scribe Sleeves!

Product Features:
- Available in 2 finishes; Black or Brass
- Grade 5 Titanium or Solid Brass body
- 750+ compatible pen refills from your favorite ink vendor
- Adjust length of shaft by twisting pen grip to fit refill cartridge.
- Includes 5 refill cartridges
- Length: 3.75”

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