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Scrap Leather Mystery Box & Free Template!

$75 USD

These mystery boxes are full of useful scrap leather! PLUS you can select 1 pattern to add to your cart for FREE! YOU MUST ADD THE PATTERN TO YOUR CART!

We only use the best parts of the hide for our leather goods, so we carefully cut around parts that might have imperfections, scars, or marks that would not be consistent throughout our product line.

These scraps come from premium leathers that are of the highest quality full grain leathers. There are pieces from Wickett and Craig, Acadia, and other high quality American tanneries

Each box contains roughly +10 square feet of assorted leathers. There are smaller pieces and larger pieces. Larger pieces are bigger than 1.5 square feet. Smaller pieces are good for card pockets and smaller items like key chains or bracelets.

Box size: 40cm x 32cm x 6cm - 15.7" x 12.6" x 2.4"

Thickness range:
3-4 ounce (Good for wallets)
4-5 ounce (Good for journals)
6-7 ounce (Good for journals, sheaths, bracelets, straps)

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